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 Resident Evil: Revelations
 Posted: May 11 2012, 03:57 PM
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BSAA Bravo Team
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A while ago I looked up a walk through of the game and watched it. I thought it was actually pretty decent, and liked it. It wasn't without it's "New RE Faults" though. For instance, the monsters: Hunters make a comeback, which I thought was pretty damn awesome. But aside from that there was little variation. And they called them zombies, when they clearly aren't (at least in my opinion).

There are lots of new characters, I think the best out of the new additions, and the one that fits in the most is Parker.

If you want to watch it, I can provide the walk through I watched (it has no commentary, I don't really like that when I want to watch something for a story).
 Posted: May 12 2012, 04:58 AM
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BSAA Bravo Team
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Sadly the days of good RE games have passed us by..... We'll have to content ourselves with playing the old ones looks like when we want to get an RE fix.
Spike Reaver
 Posted: Dec 19 2012, 10:45 PM
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BSAA Bravo Team
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I know that some are discontent with RE's direction that it's taken. RE4 wasn't bad, but it surely did start something new.

Resident Evil Revelations(RER) is however, a great addition to the series. It's exclusively on a handheld, the 3DS, which blows, but otherwise, if you have a 3DS, you're in for a real treat.

Not to mention the fact that RER is going to be coming to a console near you!!! Not sure when, but I believe it was confirmed that we'd be getting a console port of RER.

RER, it has Chris, Jill and the BSAA. Some new BSAA operatives like Parker and Jessica. Oh, and the head of the BSAA at this time is Clive R. O'Brien. Now, for those of you that've played the MGS games, O'Brien is the RE equivilant to Colonel Roy Campbell in MGS. Honestly, on my first run through RER, that was one aspect that I really appreciated. It's also made O'brien one of my fav characters, I really digged him. He also sounds just like Campbell, although I believe it is a different VA, not Paul Eiding. Oh well...

RER actually takes place before RE5, so before Chris and Jill went to see Spencer in his European Estate in LIN, and Jill ended up falling out the window with Wesker, and eventually became a blonde.

I really do appreciate the BSAA in the RE series now. STARS is finished of course, and the BSAA gives characters like Chris and Jill some more purpose. It's a great new thing for RE, RE5 introduced the BSAA(Bioterrorism Securtiy Assessment Alliance), and RER and RE6 have done a great job of continuing it.

The gameplay is pretty nice too. The controls are basically like they are in RE4, with the ability to strafe, holding L. Works real nice.

I know that some have trouble with change in the RE series, myself being one of them, but the changes to the controls in RER are great. RE6 IMO did a terrific job with the controls. The default are more action shooter like, but they can be changed to a more RE control scheme, as in, holding R to aim and pressing a face button to shoot, but this isn't an RE6 review or anything, sooo....back to RER.

Technically RER is a part of the RE canon, and while I know tons of you guys missed out on this particular RE experience, if not just because it was on an expensive ass handheld only, it'll be coming to the consoles soon enough, and I highly suggest that you put this on your list of games to get. I know Spartan would enjoy it for sure!

Nice gameplay, characters, story, and IDK how many of you are big fans of the music in RE, but I've always loved the BGM's and score that RE has had. RER hast to be one of my personal fav's in the entire series, right behind the music in RE0 and Outbreak. And that's saying something.

I know that most here are pretty pessimistic about the RE series as of now, but trust me when I say RER is a damn great RE experience. Plenty of love for the fans in the gameplay and controls. The story is great, gotta love O'brien's Campbell type of roll. It's really worth experiencing at least once, and you'll probably want another one after that!

Of course I don't expect many to go out and get a 3DS just for RER and maybe Mercs3D, like I did, but hey, like I've said, it'll be coming out to a console near you soon. Don't let this one pass you by!
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