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 What happened to the original REFD?
Rick Grimes
 Posted: Jul 15 2010, 02:18 AM

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Well, sometime last night, the host that Resident Evil Final Days was on was abruptly and unexpectedly shut down for good, meaning REFD and thousands of other boards were deleted. Now, rumors as to why this happened are swirling, but all I've been told by former IPBFree administrators is that they're legally bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and cannot at this time tell us what really happened. However, most of the rumors I've heard (falling out between staff and owner, copyright infringement, lawsuit, etc.) have been denied.

So welcome to our new home. biggrin.gif And believe me, if I'd had any idea IPBFree was going to shut down, I'd have had this place up and running weeks beforehand. I'm so sorry about this everyone. sad.gif
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