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Probably Resident Evil. Current Fav's in the series are the original RE1(Jill and Barry FTW!), Code Veronica X(CVX with the classic Richard Waugh Wesker, as well as the Redfields and Ashfords), and two new titles, Revelations(RER, it has Chris n Jill, and a new favourite character, Clive R. O'Brian(basically Colonel Roy Campbell from MGS)) and RE6(awesome gameplay, and I like the Jake/Sherry team, as well as Chris stealing the show in that game).
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Favorite Resident Evil Game: Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X
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Feb 20 2013, 09:22 PM
Is this where this thread belongs?

Okay, so I decided to play through MGS2 recently. I was actually wanting to play Snake Eater, but then I thought that I really wanted to hear Paul Eiding(Roy Campbell), so I played Sons Of Liberty instead. I had forgotten how much I loved that game. It's a real trip.

Definitley my fav MGS title. I've got MGS1(original and Twin Snakes), MGS2(SoL and Substance) and MGS3(Subsistence). The Subsistence disc actually has Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 on it, so I might even count those. I have played some of MGS4, but never got to complete it. I'm curious as to the outcome of everything, like with the Patriots and everything else.

But yeah, I had so much fun with my most recent MGS2 run. I hadn't played it in years. I even got the credit song on my iPod, Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday.
Jan 14 2012, 06:57 PM
Now once I get all my games in one place I'll post that, but in the mean time, here are all my books. Archives 1 and 2, and all the SD Perry Novels.

That's Zero Hour, Umbrella Conspiracy, Caliban Cove, City Of The Dead, Underworld, Nemesis and Code Veronica.

May 9 2011, 11:20 PM
What do you want from your RE in regards to gameplay?

I know that OTS works great, mainly because of the aiming. The camera angles were great too, very memorable, and just kind of iconic and symbolic as far as the series is concerned, like typewriters.

I think they should mix the fixed angle, and OTS. Just as simple as certain areas having the fixed camera, and others being OTS. Whenever you aim though, it should always be OTS, for the sake of being able to aim. Perhaps take out the laser sight though.

Having the quick knife is a must at this point, better than it collecting dust in the item box. Manual reload, well in addition to RE4, the Outbreaks had this too. A feature I can't live without.

I think movement wise, it should control just like in always has. Not the crappy RE5 shooter control sets, where you aim with L, shoot with R. As well as strafing.

I do like that RER seems to be implimenting walking while aiming, that's no crime, as we've seen it before, Dead Aim and Outbreak File#2. And it was something I wish I had when playing RE5 mercs, in order to avoid a certain guy's large axe from killing me.

I really liked the self defense items from the REmake. Little letter openers or daggers or whatever, as well as flash grenades and Jill's stun gun. I think we should have those types of things, other items too, just whatever can be used for self defense. It would be nice when a stupid majini grabs you....and just holds you, how annoying right? Not if you can shove a flash grenade in his face.

Another feature is something from Outbreak. If you've played Outbreak, with Kevin, you may remember that while aiming, you could press circle I think, and you would kick. It just did a front kick. That's nice, I hope they bring that back. I mean, while aiming nowadays, we can shoot, and reload, but there are extra buttons for kicking.

Dodging, perhaps taking the primitive system in RE3, work it with the nice button prompted dodging from RE4. Just make it something you can do as often as you could in RE3, but work as well as it did in RE4.

I think the inventory was good in RE5, I liked the hot key feature for items in the North, East, South & West positions.

Although that wouldn't be necessary if it weren't real-time, the inventory.

And that wouldn't be necessary if there wasn't some sort of cooperative experience.

I think Coop should be in, just not the story. Mercs is a perfect place, just side things, but the main story should be single player, and RE5 is what made me think this.
May 8 2011, 09:44 PM
Ok, so the Relation Game is a game of words.

It's simple, I say a word, then a person responds with a word that is related in some way, directly or otherwise.







Now, I've done this before, not here, but before, and people tend to start using all kinds of random junk. It's one word that's related, ONE WORD.

Let's give it a try. I'll start:

May 3 2011, 08:03 PM
So, in an attempt to breathe new life, here's a new

I feel like I've discussed this so much, but I guess I could always go another round.

I think most people universally dislike her, for whatever reason. She's not that horrible, but pretty bad.

I think the reasoning surrounding her inclusion into the game is questionable.

The annoying AI really translates to her character's personality.

She was so undeserving for such a large role. We didn't get to know her slowly, she felt forced on us I think.

One example of undeserving is how her and Chris both, together, shoot a couple of RPG's at Al in the volcano...

Moments when Chris is taking off that apparatus from Jill's chest, Sheva just seemed so out of place.

In the scene where he gets it off, and him and Jill are having a touching moment, Sheva is just in the way, hogging up the scene...

Jill-"You have to stop him. If Wesker succeeds, Uroboros will be spread across the globe, millions will die!"

Chris-"Well yeah but..."
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