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 WWE video games, For discussing the WWE games
Rick Grimes
 Posted: Mar 31 2013, 08:02 PM

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QUOTE (Spike Reaver @ Mar 31 2013, 04:46 PM)
Perhaps. DoR and DoR2(which actually continues off from where the first one left off) are some of the better story modes in the WWE games.

Again, I don't know. Never played those two.

24/7 Mode, was that in 08?

08 or 09, can't remember. Up until WWE '12, I always traded in the previous year's game due to not having the hard drive space for the saved data.

Some of the story modes and Road To Wrestlemania's have some really silly and ridiculous cutscenes. I recall some fun in 07, playing as RVD, against Masters, and Trish went and gave everyone in the ring a low-blow, including the ref when he tried to take the belt away from her. Just ridiculous stuff.  wink.gif

There was one, I don't remember which, that had a scenario where Candice Michelle's magic wand prop was actually magic and turned my CAW into a diva. That was funny. XD

BTW, how do you feel about the pin system?

In earlier games you would simply press, I guess most all of, if not just the face buttons on your controller to try and kick out.

2010 however implimented a new system, that requires timing. I don't know how I feel about it. I have actually lost matches due to a problem with timing sometimes. I have also found myself in matches with a person who hits the timing every single time, even when it is just a sliver.

WWE '13 first introduced the timing system. 2010 was still a button-masher.

In which case I will use someone like Jericho and make them tap out, because there is no messing with a submission. happy.gif

You bring Jericho, he'll fall to the Kimura just like anyone else.

Psh, the only pose you will be doing is lying on your back, in the middle of the ring, with me on top! mad.gif

BTW, I forgot to mention Cage Match before. I enjoy those too, especially like a Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way. It can be a bitch trying to get outta that cage. blink.gif

I do think they should attempt to improve on the Cage though. Mainly once you get to the top. All you have to do is press the action button and BAM, you are on your way out.

Now what they should do, is impliment another set of QTE's, in which you have to hit the timing just right, like when climbing up and over, in order to climb down. That would make it more intense and realistic than just beating your opponent to the top and pressing the action button first.

They could even add another sliver that if you time it just right, instead of just climbing down another section before another QTE, that little sliver could make it to where you just let go and drop down to place both feet on the ground before your opponent. Whady think? haha

I always turn pin & submission on. They certainly don't need to add QTEs, which are getting to be overrated.
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