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Aug 7 2012, 07:35 AM
I made this topic cause we were taking over the topic of Underword/RE crossover with this topic... Please vote and then state your views.... Let the discussion begin!!

My vote went for "The Book". I have many reasons for this, but my biggest reason is that the story I fell in love with in the book are totally changed when put on the big screen. I will use the miniseries Scarlett, based on the book by Alexandra Ripley, Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind as an example.

It took a little over half a century to be done (56 years), but a sequel was finally written for Gone With The Wind in 1992. As most know, GWTW ends kind of open ended. Rhett leaves despite Scarlett's insistence that she loves him and has for some time, she only didn't realize it. After he is gone she decides to go home to Tara to think of a way to get him back, and this is where the sequel picks up. The book is extremely well done and does a very good job of staying true to Mitchell's work.

The miniseries Scarlett however not only didn't stay true to Alexndra's work, they like the original GWTW did not do justice to Mitchell's work. In fact the miniseries completely changes major storyline parts, like having Scarlett on trial for her life for murdering Lord Fenton, when in the book she not only doesn't kill him, she is intent on marrying him believing all hope of ever getting Rhett back are gone now that his new wife was going to have a child.

Another deplorable change, at least in my view was in regards to her cousin from Ireland, the priest, Colum. He was a part of the Fenian Brotherhood, an underground Irish group of people who were determined to end English rule of Ireland. In the book it is clear that he loves Scarlett dearly and that he would do anything for her, and while it could be misconstrued that the love he feels for her is more passionate than familial, I didn't get that impression. My impression was that his love for her was more familial, grown out of genuine affection and respect for who Scarlett was as a person. If his feelings were ever more, they were not long lived and more the product of his being a man and her being a woman. Just because he was a priest doesn't mean he stopped being a man... tongue.gif And one thing is for sure, he'd never have burdened Scarlett with the truth if it were true. He was a truly honorable man and would have fought those demons alone, but fight them he would have. In the Miniseries, it is not only implied, he comes out and tells her.

Jul 30 2012, 05:45 AM
Here is the link: The Shining To Get A Prequel

Personally I think a prequel that followed Jack Torrance around before coming to the Overlook Hotel would be a bust. But, a prequel on the Overlook itself has lots of potential. The hotel has a very interesting past and it might be neat to see what made it the way it became in The Shining. A story on a drunkard teacher.... not so much. tongue.gif
Jul 12 2012, 09:11 AM
Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin

How moronic are these folks?!?! There are very few wonders left in the world, why try to purposefully destroy one of the few remaining? Don't the idiots realize the economic ramifications of this? The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx have to make up a huge portion of the tourism income and regardless of how they were built or what they were built to represent, they are now a source of income for many, destroying them could end up destroying a lot of peoples livelihoods.
Jul 3 2012, 07:41 AM
Andy Griffith dead at 86

Such a bummer!! I grew up watching him....
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