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Oct 24 2012, 06:37 PM
He's ok tho (so far) & thank god I have a good country vet.

I don't think he got Venom because there was no tissue damage, they gave me a bottle of dexamethazone for only $20 to give him another 3 CC's at midnight tonight & to have it for the other dogs in case this happens again. They were very nice & made sure I knew how to give the shot before I left the clinic (this is a country vet now... They really are very nice people) I have some emergency care experience, working at an e vet for 5 yrs when I was younger & it's a good thing because I can treat things on dogs that most ppl would have to have the vet do.

I know I dodged a bullet with this, poor boy ... When he got out of the car he went straight to the water & drank (not a lot at one time but he went back a few times & drank) his nose is wet & cold & his swelling is going down, he's resting in his crate now, he's tired poor boy I knew he was just trying to protect me by trying to battle the snake, he was right there (tho I didn't let him get close) when I killed it & refused to go into the house when I found it.
Sep 12 2012, 08:12 AM
Paul Anderson was a guest judge on SciFi's hit series 'Face Off' last night where they did a senario where the T Virus invades the world of Wonderland from the book Alice & Wonderland.

Some of the consepts were pretty good esp the guy who where's the cowboy hat all the time, his creatures are always pretty good! what did you guys think?
Sep 4 2012, 07:10 PM
Something strange happened last night with the small fan that I have for buddy's crate... (it's covered so he gets hot in there). During the night I got up to use the restroom & twice I found it pointing in a different direction, first at my bed, I noticed this when I came back & first thought that I hit the cord when stumbling half asleep out of bed lol so I didn't think any of it.

When I rose for the day at first light (buddy wakes me up to go out when the sun comes up) I found the fan pointed at Josefina, thr cord was still 'stretched straight & undisturbed , thr only thig that was turned was the fan itself... That's what kind of creeped me out lol.

Am I crazy? It seems this happens wherever I live :/, have any of you guys had something like this happen to you?
Aug 7 2012, 06:24 PM
Inspired by the discussion on the other thread about books/screenplays that went to pot when they became movies predominantly resident evil for those who read the scripts to the RE movies... even the Anderson ones were pretty good.
Mar 23 2012, 10:57 AM
Mine are: the first 3 movies

I loved Claire, Alice of course, Wesker he's a good evil villian >:/ & Carlos (RIP buddy sad.gif )
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