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games, girls guns, music, money,power, cars, food, thats all you can know.
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Feb 26 2011, 11:26 AM
it has come to my attention that on march 11 i turn 20. I have taken the time to think hard about this and dude to some things that i am currently going through, i need to "grow-up and get serious with things, and also i dont have much free time anymore. so simple put i am deactivating or cancelling my account on march 12th. Now until them im still gonna be posting here until the said time, think of it as my two weeks notice. now, i enjoyed conversing with you all on random topics and such but well, as people say out with the old in with the new. I understand that i have been acting rather childish on this website and i do with the upmost, sincerely apologize for my actions that may or may have not agrvated some. Simply put, Goodbye guys, it was fun while it lasted, have a blast, and take care!
Feb 18 2011, 10:56 PM
its very simple and straight forward.

Note. This is no popularity contest and no book is necessarily better than the other that might of might not be listed. This is just your opinion. So no arguing please.

Best: Mustaine/ fallen angels

worst: Twilight
Nov 26 2010, 11:32 PM
ok, for this topic, what im hoping it should do, is tell us a interesting video to look up then once you look it up, come back and write your thoughts about it.

for example, look up nigahiga-bromance
Nov 7 2010, 10:49 PM
i have noticed that nitendo and playstaion have their own portable sytems known as the ds, and psp. does the xbox, or microsoft own any handheld gaming devices?
Nov 1 2010, 12:03 AM
okay, first topic started so, my question it what games would be a cool idea to crossover. personally i think a crossover between the original resident evil games and dead rising would make a great crossover. maybe not game-worthy but small cameo appearances. since both games are by capcom and deal with zombies, it would be tooabsurd a crossover. i would imagine chuck greene or frank west helping the resident evil heroes find a cure for the zombie deceases. oh also i would say left 4 dead, but ill work on that reason later.
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